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Karam Industries

Founded in August of 2004 and based in Luanda Angola ( Africa), with Operations in Benin , Congo/Kinshasa and Congo/Brazzaville ,Karam Industries is a leading manufacturer of highly specialised fastsners/Nails, Cables ( both House hold and Industrial) , Continuous casting copper rod rolling, Automobile ancillaries and timber.

Karam Industries is at the forefront of providing top line end products in various segment like Nails/Fasteners , Cables ( both household & Industrial ) , automobile ancillaries , continuous casting copper rod rolling and also in Timber.

Karam Industries is amalgamation of professionals who help industrial products manufacturers with complex business issues and help them navigate the evolving industry landscape.

We understand as where and how various industries move in the value chain at any given moment―a steep challenge given the potentially volatile nature of nearly every market segment in today’s global economy.

Our Skill

how we work

We are achieving our goals with our qualified and experienced team. Every process monitored by experts to provide best product to our customers. Our best quality of machines and standard operating procedures giving us more confidence to produce and deliver best quality of products.





our team

We are led by a team who constantly questions ,tinkers and challenges to unlock greater creativity/productivity/quality around every turn.